Gratitude and thanks- 

FPP communities are so grateful for the support, generosity and kindness of donation and money given to us to carry on with our work in Northern Uganda. Your contributions goes direct to the people on the ground. As well as  individuals, we are fortunate to be supported by different charities and local organisations in the UK.

listen to voices of the children and what we are doing to support they achieve a better future

Teching staff and pupils Nge Kidi Nursery school Feb 2020
K3 class Nge Kidi Feb 2020
K2 class Nge Kidi Feb 2020
receiving certificate lorrie 2015
Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 16.03.48
Nursery school pupils at Potuke 4-2018
Director's speech Ngi Kidi
Single mother with 3 children 2020-05-04-17-11-37

FPP projects in Northern Uganda at Nge Kidi Nursery school since 2011

Pupils of Paibwor nursery school 04-16
Alex at Graduation day 2018
Paibwor Roofed extension 2019
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Graduater Paibwor nursery school 2015
Paibwor Roofed extension 2019
Our teachers in Paibwor 04-16
Paibwor Nursery School 2018

Paibwor Nursery school- We still need to complete the extension of the classrooms. Since 2012

Putuke Nursery school building have now been completed ready to welcome children in January 2022

Old school building Putuke 2017
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Mixed football team Putuke nursery school 2019
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Inside classroom with SFD trustees 2017
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Inside classroom with teacher Flo 2019
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Inside classroom Putuke 2017
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Graduation day Putuke 2018
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Nursery children welcoming visitors from UK and Kampala
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Heading 6


Putuke Nursery school since 2013- 2021 

Covid-19 support to local people.. see corona support page for information

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Flo with blind woman-2020-04-02-14-55-08
Flo with blind woman-2020-04-02-14-55-08

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Primary symptoms are high temperature, dry cough and tiredness.
Solution is to practise good hygiene.
Maintain social distancing.
We are helping vulnerable families get by during these unprecedented times by providing food, medicines, masks, salt and soap. Harvest is due in August, we hope for a good one. Our school children continue to study from home and we continue to provide them with porridge to flourish and protect them from preventable diseases including Malaria.