Our plans for the future with your support

No. 1 Education

It is our belief that education will provides the best foundation for an equitable, prosperous and fair society.

At the moment all three of our schools are based in temporary buildings. Our goal is to build three permanent nurseries and primary schools in each of the three villages of Nge Kidi, Paibwor and Putuke.

Once this has been achieved, we will build similar schools in other surrounding villages.

Children matching to get they porridge meal for the day. A week before Christmas 2019

Inside a classroom in Putuke Nursery School - 2016

Overheads for the school, including feeding the children, costs £300 per month

Your donated clothes goes a long way to support families in the region. Thank you

Village women selling paper beads to SFD and FPP


No. 2 Farming & Food

Together with the charity Seeds for Development, we supplied our farmers with enough seeds to enable them to start moving from simply subsistence farming to farming on a more commercial scale.  They have formed groups to sell their crops of maize and beans.

Graduation ceremony in Nge Kidi Nursery School - 2014

A donation of £5 will pay for a school kit for one child

Farming and football (back ground) in the region.

We are promoting tree planting in the area

Water source near our school in Putuke village - 2019

No. 3 Sport

FPP football and netball projects

All three communities have football and netball teams. This has made an immense difference to the people, building their confidence and enabling a team spirit to emerge.

Graduation ceremony in Nge Kidi Nursery School - 2014

Netball team in Putuke. 

These are the mothers of the Putuke Nursery School Children- we need old uniforms and shoe if you have any please

A donation of £5 will pay for a school kit for one child

Selection day of Kitgum Lions from three football teams- we need your old kits and boots please if you have any  in the garage

Football coaching. Kitgum Lions football team 2019

Children playing football at home

No. 4 School Buildings

Our three school buildings so far

Graduation ceremony in Nge Kidi Nursery School - 2014

First classroom at Nge Kidi 2011 with some of our teachers.

we plan to bring water nearer to all three schools

FPP nursery school in Nge Kidi village. 

It is essential to complete the building as soon as possible.

Makeshift buildings like Putuke Nursery School, shown here in 2016, burn down annually due to wildfire. £3,000 is needed to complete new school building.

your donation will take projects to another level

No. 5 The Future

We must continue to teach and feed the children so that they have access to a good diet and a good education.  This will ultimately allow them to succeed and prosper in their lives.  Their success will be the future of Uganda.  It costs just £45 each day to feed all of our school children.

Graduation ceremony in Nge Kidi Nursery School - 2014

Forgotten Peoples Project Director Alex with some of the K1 and K2 pupils at Putuke Nursery School

A donation of £5 will pay for a school kit for one child

Developing partnerships, like with Seeds for Development, and working together is very important for the development of the region

Children are our main focus, we aim to educate and equip them for the future.

A donation of £5 will pay for a school kit for one child

Graduation day at Putuke nursery school 2019. We will continue to teach them and give them a bright future. Kindly support us.

Email us: contact@forgottenpeoplesprojects.org or Alex.latim@forgottenpeoplesprojects.org

Visit us at 18 Darwell Close, East Ham, London, E6 6BT

Call us on +44 (0) 208 470 9838

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