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No. 1 Education

It is our belief that education for all provides the best foundation for an equitable, prosperous and fair society.​ At the moment two of the three schools are based in temporary buildings.

Our goal is to build permanent nurseries and primary schools in all of the three villages of Nge Kidi, Paibwor and Putuke.​ Once this has been achieved, we will build similar schools in other surrounding villages.


In 2019 we started construction of the new nursery school for Putuke. 

The school is now finished and open.  We just need to build a fence around the school grounds, finish the toilets and build a kitchen.

No. 2 Farming and Food

The villages we support are all farming communities. We provide seeds and training to the farmers, including tractor driving, developing forest gardens and farming as a business.

No. 3 Sport

Sport is an important part of life in the villages. All three communities have football and netball teams. This has made an immense difference to the people, building their confidence and enabling a team spirit to emerge.

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 16.40.18.png

No. 4 School Buildings

Our schools started in makeshift huts and under trees, with a blackboard. Now the schools are simple brick buildings - apart from Putuke where we have a new school building. Our goal is to build new schools in the other two villages - Paibwor and Nge Kidi

No. 5 The Future

We must continue to teach and feed the children so that they have access to a good diet and a good education.  This will ultimately allow them to succeed and prosper in their lives.  Their success will be the future of Uganda.  It costs just £30 each day to feed all of our school children.

Graduation ceremony in Nge Kidi Nursery School - 2014

Forgotten Peoples Project Director Alex with some of the K1 and K2 pupils at Putoke Nursery School

A donation of £5 will pay for a school kit for one child

Developing partnerships, like with Seeds for Development, and working together is very important for the development of the region

Children are our main focus, we aim to educate and equip them for the future.

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